This site is the home site for the Lundvall family (as seen from the horizon of Christers ...) - a traditional organization in a way. That's why the .org TLD was finally chosen. (TLD Top Level Domain)
The text on these pages is mainly written in home made English. The major reason for this is that the computer language is English in the same way as the "doctors" language is Latin (!) - right? At least that is the editor's own firm opinion. Why translate computer abstracts to Swedish? Some might call it stupid! It won't make computers easier to understand for most people. Hmmm.
Another English reason is if someone non Swedish speaking person should find interest in this site - that person will probably understand more of English than of Swedish. ;-) A third reason for English is to force the editor to get some language training today when those good old times has passed when he had to spend most of his productive lifetime in someone else's business like at Ericsson where the corporate language is English and the American technical English training came as part of the workload.

Why would anybody want their own domain and website you might think. Here are some of the reasons. You can add to the list yourself.

A personal web site since..

First. When it became possible for a private individual to afford an internet connection from home using slow modems (30 kbps) back in 1990 the ISP also provided space for own web pages. Not much but it was a starter - 5 MB per defined e-mail account and normally max. 5 accounts allowed. This was the time when we got our first private e-mail addresses and our first website on the outside of the company's firewall like this http://w1.871.telia.com/~u87100574/ (Check reference dated 2000-03-24 in guestbook(!)).

Later it became possible to get ownership of a .nu TLD for a comparatively reasonable price and so it wasnatural to get one:
Domain Name: lundvall.nu
Date Registered: 20-Dec-2000. Amount Charged: $60
Now an individual can own almost any TLD.

Here are some personal opinions about the site design at the time when the current site were in the pipe line in the year 2000. Don't pay it too much attention...:

Adapt to a vanilla screen (72 dpi, 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600) and V.90 modem user connection. V.90 modem were used these times! Check it out and see how it once were!

1024 x 768:
Horisontal window width
= 1024 px - (2 px + 2 px frames) - 20 px optional vertical scrollbar = 1000 px
Vertical window height
= 768 - (2 px + 2 px frames) - 42 px browser menu - 40 px (address & buttons) = 682 px for site presentation.

A navigation frame width of 224 to left (or right) side leaves
800 px for main frame. Set an image of 789 px to constrain each main frame page and an 200 px image to do the same for the navigation frame.

800 x 600:
Horisontal window width = 800 px - (2 px + 2 px frames) - 20 px optional vertical scrollbar = 776 px
Vertical window height = 600 - (2 px + 2 px frames) - 42 px menu - 40 px (address & buttons) = 514 px
These small 800x600 screens are seldom in use after year 2005? No!

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